Monday, January 24, 2011


My friend's and I have a saying for what happens at a party when someone has had too much to drink and they trap you in a room going on and on about whatever is pressing on them.... serious talk. Being girls we tend to entertain the serious talk until inevitably one of the other girls comes to our rescue. We are all guilty of it but we tolerate, and even feed into it. What happens though when the person you are trying to have serious talk with is of the opposite sex, a man? Even better take the alcohol away and pretend you are just trying to have a meaningful conversation.

Driving home tonight I was listening to the radio and during one of the breaks in music the DJ started to read a scientific study about communication done by some neurologists (I am assuming male). The study said that men and women are wired differently for communication, (shocking revelation!) indicating men communicate with one side of the brain, where woman use both sides. This was no surprise to me. To combat the difference the study had a few suggestions. The neurologists said rather than having a face-to-face, eye-to-eye conversation you should try sitting side-by-side so that the man does not feel threatened by the serious talk. Ok ladies, correct me if I'm wrong but a side-by-side conversation is going to take some prep work. First, make sure the T.V. is off, I also suggest making sure there are no blinking lights anywhere in the vicinity of an electronic device. If you are facing a window you may need to shut the curtains just in case a car drives by. If there are cell phones shut them off, or make sure they are not within hands reach. Ok now it may be safe to talk assuming there are no balls, pillows, quarters or any other small object that can be tossed around you. Driving in the car might be the best bet. But before you start talking make sure the heat and music volume are set to a comfortable level. There isn't much you can do to avoid the on-coming traffic and occasional animal that might cross your path so, good luck.

The other suggestion was something about men responding better to masculine sounding voices so women should try lowering their tone when they want to get a solid reaction. At this point I abruptly changed the station. When did it become a woman's job to make sure the guy can communicate successfully? How about we have a serious conversation in the middle of the shoe department at Macy's and see how that works out, talk to me when that neurological test is conducted and please give me your suggestions.

Understandably there are great differences in the way that guys and gals communicate. But those differences make the conversation worth it. Live Happy advice for today, accept it, laugh with it and learn to love sports.

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