Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet the boys...

Jake - Pure Bred Jack Russel Terrier. Most relaxed Jack Russel ever. Guard dog extraordinaire, barks at mailmen, squirrels, passing cars, visitors, kids at the playground... pretty much anything that moves. Likes to sleep under the covers and between your legs. High maintenance skin allergies but his personality by far makes up for it. Sorry ladies he is medically off the market.

Favorite things to do: play ball, hunt smaller animals and lay by the heat duct.
Best known for his dancing tricks.
Nickname: The Godfather
Other quirk: His one ear just won't stand up!

Buster - Pomeranian Shih tzu mix. Pretty much clueless in all aspects of life but he knows he loves people and his brother. He has a bit of a licking issue, he can't stop giving kisses and he adores visitors. He plays rough and tough and things he's ten times the size he actually is (12 lbs).

Favorite thing to do: Stare at me
Best known for his kisses.
Nickname: Bust-a-move, or Busta Bust
Best time to catch him: After a bath, it's like being at the Indy 500 as he does laps around the house to dry off!

Together these two are the loves of my life!

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