Wednesday, January 5, 2011

From there to HERE!

Having never lived more than five miles from Lake Michigan, growing up in a town with 2,000 people and having a graduating class of 23 students pretty much means that you have to spin a globe or play pin-the-tale on the map, pick a place and embrace the world. I grew-up in a little slice of heaven but in order to appreciate it I had to get out there and stretch my legs. I have to say I had big plans. Washington D.C., Chicago, at one time New York, but I'll never forget my Dad saying after a trip to Grand Rapids, driving through the s-curves "Kaleena I can see you zipping around here someday," "yeah whatever dad."

But now ten years after leaving the cozy beach town I've swapped the ice cream shop for a bistro patio, the midnight cruises for nightlife entertainment and the one-hour trips to the mall for Uptown shopping.... don't fret I didn't loose the Beach completely, I drive a Volkswagen for crying out loud. But Grand Rapids is Home Sweet Home!!

I LOVE this City and couldn't be happier being a Grand Rapids homeowner. Big enough to get lost, but small enough that you're never too far to meet a friend for a drink.

Check back often for great G-Rap adventures. My favorite Grand Rapids signature adventure this week... Sanchez with my girl Dez, trying out a few tapas, followed by a hand infused drink with Mary at the Viceroy. -Cheers!

Just a tease.... five months until June!

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