Monday, March 7, 2011


This weekend I checked out what has become a staple in the downtown G-Rap scene, Mega '80's at the Intersection.  The band is from the east side of the State, they frequent the Intersection and from the looks of it always draw a crowd.  They opened to an awesome 80's montage of movies, commercials and video games and then come out and cover the best dance tunes spanning the decade.  After a brief intermission they pay tribute to the hair-band generation sporting appropriate wigs and busting out some great ballads.  

Everyone from what they remember had big cheesy smiles to match their neon attire.  So if you ever need a break from reality and want a reminder that the 80's were a fun light-hearted era, you have to hit up a Mega '80's night at the intersection.  I suggest surrounding yourself with a group of super fun individuals as I did.  

I must warn you though you will leave with a hankering to play paperboy, and spend a Saturday afternoon in detention with the Breakfast Club.

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