Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fashionable Attitude

What makes you feel fabulous?

For me it's putting on an amazing outfit, accessorizing to perfection and getting ready for a night out with a glass of vino and chic music.  Now of course my hair always falls perfectly and my heels make me look three inches taller and ten pounds lighter, like I said fabulous.

Fashion has so much to do with attitude.  Every girl expresses her attitude in hot pants, classy, yet flashy tops and an accessory that catches the wandering eye.  Or in denim, a sundress and the appropriate pair of oh, so mysterious sunglasses.  I believe that whatever we are wearing is an outward sign of our inward attitude, always changing but uniquely individual.  I'm not revealing anything groundbreaking here, it's not rocket science that a girl feels the best when she looks her hottest and can rock it.  My Mom used to say I had a wicked wiggle well I think I've grown-up a bit and traded my wiggle in for a strut.  And OH it feels so good when the outfit is just perfect, girls you know the feeling, then you crank the music and own the night!

It's Friday, Let's do it ladies!

Friday night fashion playlist:

Raise Your Glass - Pink
Fashion Beats - Black Eyed Peas
Saturday Night - Kid Rock
Dynamite - Taio Cruz
The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson
Forget You (FU) - Cee-Lo
Just Dance - Lady Gaga
Madonna - Vogue
Walk This Way - Run DMC, Ft. Aerosmith
My Style - Black Eyed Peas

Any other suggestions?

If you're reading this Saturday thru Thursday, those are totally strut-able days too!  Own your look and feel fabulous!

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