Monday, March 21, 2011

The Annual Spring Panic

Sunday was the first day of Spring.  I saw my first robin of the season on Friday.  The days are getting longer and I even got a head start on some Spring cleaning.  Spring, such a happy time, thunderstorms, open windows, color returning to my favorite shopping racks.  Everything about Spring screams anticipation and energy.

Everything except one realization.
Recognizing that we now have two months to whip our hibernation bodies into bathing suit ready physique in time for Memorial Day.  Sigh
So here's how this is going to go (I'd say "are you with me girls?" But lately I've realized that guys go through a similar annual ritual)...

Today - I'm motivated ran four miles, started fresh with my diet, snacked on celery and peanut butter tonight and skipped dinner for a glass of Sangria, just being honest.

Tuesday to Friday - I will do pretty good.  Cheat once on a big lunch, but over all I will workout everyday and feel better about myself for doing it.

The following week and a half - I will continue to run and exercise, but the diet will fade.  Flavor will win out over loose fitting jeans.

After a month - I will realize that, I now only have one month, thus restarting the process at step one.

The moment of truth is always pulling out that ever daunting two-piece suit.  Will it have a little extra room or will you be starting a soup-diet or detox the week before the beach season starts.

Balls in our court peeps!
Here's my defense this year...

  • I signed up for a race, to keep me motivated, the thought of passing out infront of a crowd, or your knees collapsing on the back side of the race and nobody finding you until the following Monday, really makes the workout more bearable.
  • I am pulling out my summer clothes next week.  Motivation at first is 90% visual and then once you drop the first 5lbs it's 90% a feeling and 10% visual.
I'm determined to win the battle for the bikini.  I am going to enjoy the time of year I'm now calling D-60X (Diet, 60 Days Exercise), at least for the first month.  Next month when panic sets in I may have renamed it Bikini Boot Camp.

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