Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Airing of Grievances - Girls Night

You might be able to hear yourself think, or maybe not.  It starts out innocently enough with small back-and-forth.  Before you know it you're shouting over the girl next to you just to have your story or opinion heard.  The wine bottles stack up and we all start loving each other more-and-more.... ah girls night.

There are so many levels of girls night.  

Imagine catching-up with dear friend who you used to spend weekends with but for whatever reason; space, time and relationships have come between you.  Grab a seat on a sunny patio drink some cocktails and the rest falls into place.  

First we start with the airing of the grievances.  In life-according to Seinfeld the airing of the grievances consists of "lashing out at others and the world about how one has been disappointed in the last year."  (You can imagine it's place in girls night I think)  Frank Costanza would argue this mainly pertains to family.  But lets be real, when we are talking girl talk it's all relative and it all hits us like family.  

Take tonight for example Holly and I had a good hour of grievance airing - "what have you been up to?" "have you fallen down?" "how'd you pick yourself up?" "your boss said what!?" "she did what!?" throw in a few "are you kidding me's" and we were right back in-step with where we left off six years ago, bartending, bar hopping and making silly jokes.  

Space, time and relationships aside the real women in our lives are only a grievance or two away.  Reach out and grab one that you haven't talked to lately.  She'll appreciate it.

And for those friends you get to share everyday with.... you are some lucky ladies I tell ya. 

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