Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Where were you twenty-years ago?

Assuming that no matter where you are today, that twenty years ago things were simpler, easier and someone else was in charge.

Is it just me or were summers hotter and did we have more snow in the winter?  The Christmas trees were taller and weekends lasted longer.

Twenty years ago I was playing with my cousins on warm spring days anxiously awaiting summer vacation.  Some days we would beg to play in my mom's car.  Other days we were deep sea fishing off the back of my Dad's old gas company truck.  Once in a while we packed a lunch and got lost in the woods or visited Grandma, collected treasures and buried them in my backyard.  When we played house, I was the Mom, Seth was the Dad, Betsy the baby and Jordan the dog (that says something doesn't it?).

In whatever game we played we never thought about paying bills, filling up the gas tank or going to the doctor for something other than our baby doll's fever.  Twenty years ago my life was much simpler.  We tried to make root-beer out of sassafras or snacks out of acorns but Mom always came through with peanut butter and jelly or mac' and cheese.  Saving the day from our organic fixin's (little did we know we were on the verge of the organic trend).

Looking back maybe we were practicing for the real-deal.  Playing hunters and families, putting on shows and performing.  We were racing in hot cycles and dressing up in old dresses.  Maybe we were just practicing for when our imaginations would be blocked by due dates and bank balances.  Either way looking back puts a silly grin on my face as I recall a time when I was the mom "driving" my Mom's burgundy Buick to the grocery store with my baby betsy in the back-seat and my dog jordan with his head out the window, all the while the car was parked safely in the garage.

Today my little family is dealing with bigger and more serious dramatics.  But we'll always be the kids playing in the car.  Don't forget that Betsy Jean.  This blog's for you.

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