Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's so Good to be Bad

Today on my drive home from work I got to thinking about all of the things I had to do when I got home, errands to run things to clean at home.  My mind started to think about other things that maybe I should be doing.  And from those thoughts came this post.....

Everyone has their own way of doing housework, tasks, and their own style to just about all of their behaviors.  During the course of life we get to know a few people intimately enough to witness their routine and behaviors: college roommates, significant others, siblings and so on.  Now think about how traumatic some of those learning experiences have been.  Imagine knowing how the whole world cuts corners and behaves in their most comfortable moments.

Well I'd like to air my dirty laundry or should I say bad behaviors and go on record to say I don't live the Good House Keeping, Real Simple life-style.  More a mix of the children's magazine Highlights with a little In-Style thrown in for color and a whole lot of Reader's Digest in between.  My brother on the other hand, National Geographic meets Sports Illustrated for sure!

Here Goes...

Home & Garden
They still grow with weeds!
I grow tomatoes, peppers, basil, cucumbers and lots of flowers.
Truth, I never weed my vegetables.

I do laundry about once a week.
Truth, When I am done drying one load I put in on the floor in front of the dryer until all of the loads are ready to be folded (yes the carpet is clean).

I have a gorgeous comforter on my bed.
Truth, I make my bed maybe once a week, ok once a month unless I have company.

Life & Style
I have an amazing collection of accessories.
Truth, I like them best when they are messy and scattered across my dressing table.

I love to workout.
Truth, I only take the stairs at work if I'm going to skip my workout or people are watching.

Food & Drink
I do on occasion enjoy fast food.
Truth, I am the girl ordering a diet coke with her combo #1

I love to eat healthy.
Truth, I save my calories for alcohol.
You see this is why I don't watch scary
movies because then my friends start
looking like the killers!

I hate to cook but I enjoy baking.
Truth, I bake to eat the brownie, cake or cookie batter.

I drink milk in the morning.  
Truth, I drink it up to a week past the sell-by date.

Sports & Entertainment
Just some truths for this category...
Baseball is awesome Hockey is just too much movement.
I hate scary movies, come on who enjoys being scared?

ah what a relief to get all of that off my chest!
Alright blogging world whatchya got?  Any bad behavior you need to 'fess up?

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