Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Adventures in Dating

Game on.

Dating - Such a loaded word.  What is dating?  Is it fun? It can be.  Is it painful? At times.  Is it worth it?  I sure hope so!

When do you date?  For some people dates involve a football game, a cheer leader and the star quarterback.  For others it's a keg party freshman year, sharing a solo cup and literally rubbing bodies with the other 100 people at the apartment party. Between some couples it's a conversation at the bar.  Still others it's a screen name followed by weeks of back-and-forth e-mails and an eventual meeting.  Oh and we can't forget about the set-ups.  "I know this guy who would be great for you."  Or even the best friend who one day you see in a different light.  Dating can take years, days, weeks, months or even hours.  It's primitive really, and we all do it.

I've been ever so privileged to observe some quite interesting dates over the last few months.  Always entertaining, never dull, constantly awkward, and eventually fun.

Let's talk about....

The professional dater:  He'll ask you a million questions right off-the-bat.  You'll know more about him after a single drink than you ever care to know about your siblings.  First date, just drinks (because that's what seems appropriate) second date dinner and you're splitting the bill.  (yes this actually happens, guys now ask to split the bill).  The following week... guy proceeds to text and inform you that he's going to give it one more go-around with his ex-girlfriend, says he's sorry and wishes you the best.  One week later an e-mail is sent from guy to girl, "it didn't workout with my ex and we really hit it off when we went out twice. Would you be interested in hanging out again?"
(True Story)

The guy who walks up to you in the bar having 1 or 8 too many cocktails:
Guy says to girl: "Hi are you here with anyone?"
Girl: "Yes my girlfriend Autumn, how about you?"
Guy: "No, do you have a boyfriend?"
Girl: long silence while the girl tries to ignore the questionn.... "Umm no."
Guy: waits for a follow-up question from the girl, when he does not get one he says whole-heartily "I'm dating a girl but she's at home and still seeing her ex-boyfriend," he says smiling the whole time.
Girl: looks at her girlfriend, time to go... no, now!
(Yeah that happened)

College boy:
Boy meets girl for dinner, girl tries to think of a fun place to go.  Conversation is forced but not unbearable. All the sudden boy lets out weird screaming noise "Wheeewww Wheeew" from the side of his mouth. Girl asks, "um, what was that?"  Boy says, "oh that's just something I do when I say something awesome." Girl's eyebrows go up, speechless.  The entire restaurant is now focused on the air-horn sound that came from the guy's mouth while he proceeds with his "awesome" story.
(Again... true story)

Guys are great and girls are beautiful.  We have some crazy chemistry don't we?

Enjoy the ride and jump on the dating train.  Hopefully it ends with making a terrible dinner for a cute boy hoping all along he doesn't realize you can't cook, you make mistakes and you're hoping he likes realizing that under all of the silliness you are a really great time!

The only way to survive this is to have a partner in dating crime! xo

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