Friday, January 13, 2012

29 & Fabulous... Thanks to the many characters in my life!

Yesterday kicked off the last year in my 20's, and what a day it was!  I've always been excited to turn 30, not really sure why it's just a decade I'm really looking forward to.  I think when I was a kid I imagined myself in my 30's living life, having a job, going here and there.  I can't really remember what I thought I would be doing at this point in my life but I know that I have no regrets and I feel like I'm moving at the perfect pace!

Yesterday started off with my amazing roomie bringing me a Starbucks mochiato and a perfectly wrapped bright colored present.  Thanks Autumn!  I text my Mom and Dad to say thank you for giving birth and being stupendous parents for the last 29 years, also reminding them that this means they are getting older.  I arrived at work to a very sweet card from my co-workers and Cake Flavored Vodka from my friend Danielle who knows me all to well for a working relationship.  Kelly had her Kindergarten class call and sing happy birthday to my on my voicemail, PRICELESS!

My afternoon had me blushing when a gorgeous bouquet of flowers traveled to my desk from about 750 miles away (I'm grinning at my computer screen right now) they are so lovely!  Lunch at Hopcat preceded by lemon cake and Oreo treats (Thanks Julie and Danielle)!  Yesterday evening was girls night (and Bob) Dez made a perfect spaghetti dinner, she knows the way to my heart, and we had girl-talk with cupcakes and candles.

The Facebook notes and the perfectly stated cards were icing to my day.  Thank you everyone you all mean the world to me!

Some of my favorite birthday memories....
I was born the day my Grandma opened her second restaurant, the Bird Feeder in Manistee
I had a rainbow bright birthday cake
My grandma Lucy bought me a sewing machine when I turned 10
I got my ears pierced on my golden birthday
Getting side-swiped while taking my drivers test so I had to retake it on my 16th birthday
A roller skating party, an ice skating party, a cheer leading party
My 18th birthday party senior year!
Turning 21 and going out with my Mom
Dancing at every birthday from 22-27
Turning 29 and realizing life is just perfect

Make-up! First Decade
Senior Pic. Second Decade
Almost to 30 but I'll take a fun 2-9

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