Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year - 2012

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been a bit absent from the Live Happy blog and readers.  I do apologize so let me catch you up…

2011 – Rang in the New Year in style, redecorated my house,turned 28, bought two pair of cute boots.  Got snowed in, lost one of the mostbeautiful people I have ever met, found comfort in an amazing group of womenknowing that Amber is always going to be with us.  Went snowboarding, made Grandma's doughnuts, got a tattoo with thegirls “I am Loved,” had a date, bought a cute dress on sale, went to Key West.

Nikki and Brian got married, Kelly and Adam got engaged.  Planted veggies and lots of flowers, went onbike rides, Ang asked us girls to stand up in her wedding.  Betsy got sick, Betsy kicked cancer’s butt!  Parked in my garage for the first time ever, tooka ton of great pictures, finally saw the Twilight movies and loved them, played with the dogs at the beach.  Ran my first 25K road race, Jayce was born, Andrew turned one,played softball with the friends, went to the lake, bought cute sandals, wentto the antique fair found lots of treasures, had a blast at friends camping,paid tribute to our Amber Dawn, saw a double rainbow.  Danced a lot, bought a lawn mower, gotengrossed in a great book series, watched a funny movie, stood up withStephanie when she was baptized. Attended the first annual Kowalkowski familyreunion, went darker with my hair color, watched the entire Sex and the Cityseries… twice, went to North Carolina for Amy’s30th birthday, went on a bad date, went on a good date, spent timeon Lake Michigan.

Dominic was born, ran the Detroitfree press ½ Marathon, found a great bottle ofwine (new fav).  Mom, Katie and I did ourfirst craft show, became Dominic’s Godmother, bought new shoes, had a greatgirls night, watched the Tigers finish a terrific season, Mary and Eric gotmarried, Alex started his Senior Year, went to football games.  Bought a cute pair of shoes, went back toblonde, Autumn moved in, bring on 2012!

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