Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saw it Pinned it Did it - Easter Chicks

Today's my first link-up with the saw it pinned it did it girls (Stephanie and Katie).  Loving this Thursday blog.  One, because it gives me the chance to highlight some of the fun Pinterest projects I've done and two, as the weeks FLY by it keeps me blogging at least once a week Ahh!!

I took advantage of a chance to show off a little Pinterest ability to the fam this weekend and made everyone dessert for the weekend.

I found these adorable little festive cupcake chicks and had to give them a try.

Now I have an idea what those of you know me are thinking and it's either one of two things. "Good job Kaleena (in a sweet accomplished voice), or "Oh yikes how did they taste."  Friends and family have been witness to cake batter without water, over cooked chicken and panic attacks over rice that just won't cook.  I spent much of my weekend thinking of what the opposite of Martha Stewart's name would be.  I absoultly love to create, I love to make things, I just hate doing it in the kitchen. 

Basically cooking is messy, too structured and not enough room for error for me.  But sometimes the mood strikes me and I'll say my motivation was making something cute for my nephews to eat. 

I made 24 cupcakes using two cake mixes and two cans of frosting.  I had enough left over for a pie size cake that my Dad could enjoy the week after Easter.

My Mom taught me something new (as she always does) and that was that she always adds an extra egg to all cake mixes.  Something that she learned from my Grandma because the size of eggs are so much smaller than they really should be.  I also over filled the cups because I wanted them to be large enough to rise above the rim.

So in the oven go my over filled, not fully mixed, extra egg cupcakes.

I let them cool and frosted them with cream cheese frosting that I turned yellow with food coloring.

Sneak peak of the next step...

I bought yellow sprinkles at Michael's, dumped them in a bowl and rolled the cupcakes until they were fully covered.

You may be noticing that we are a chic short.  It was at this time that my nephew Dominic realized what was happening and his love for food and sweet little voice earned him the first taste.  He says "chocolate" and "cake" more clearly than "Dad" or "Grandma."  He is passionate about his sweets!

At this point I am still enjoying the process.

Time for the details...
Chocolate chips for the eyes with a drip of frosting for dimension.  I turned frosting orange in a sandwich bag and cut the tip to create a cake tool to make the beaks.  

And here I stop, so they end up more like peeps than chics but they still accomplished the "ooos" and "ahhs" that I was hoping for and the kids got a big kick out of them!

Saw it Pinned it Did it, yum!



  1. Awww cute! The kiddos liked them, so it was a success!!!!

  2. These turned out so adorable!! Here from SPD and your newest follower :)

  3. OMG these chicks! they are beyond cute. How have I never seen them before? you did a great job!

    thank you for linking up w/ us today :)

  4. Aw! They turned out great! So cute and festive!

    xoxo, Lindsay

  5. ok. those are SO CUTE!!! seriously, adorable. i'll take like 5. . to eat all, by, my-self.

  6. Too cute! You did a great job :)
    Stopping by from SPD linkup.

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