Monday, August 20, 2012

30 By 30 Part 2

Every woman should have something perfect to wear if the employer or man of your dreams wants to see you in an hour.

Are you mentally scouring every corner of your closet?  I am.  Employer, got that, black suit with lace top for under the jacket, classic pearls and three inch black pumps. Man of my dreams, I’ll get back to that one...

According to Anne Christensen, who commentaries this chapter of the book, “life is much easier when you’re not dashing around in panic over what you’re going to wear to some hugely important thing that’s happening seven and a half minutes from now.”  Agree, when you get the call from friend, boy or boss you should have some go-to outfits in mind.  I would go a bit further and say building the essential yet whimsical closet is key to being able to pull those outfits out of your head.  You also need to know what makes you look your best and subtlety sets your personal statement.  After building the perfect closet (by countless number of shopping trips with your female confidants), fast forward to a Friday or Saturday night, a glass of wine and trying on ten of the wrong outfits to find the perfect one.  Technically this can be viewed as research for future outfits.  If you haven’t figured out these key ingredients to looking and feeling great: a colorful closet, best friends to shop with, wine to prep with and Friday nights for research I highly recommend you cancel your weekend plans and get working on these tasks!

Anne Christensen’s Wardrobe staples
My Version
Skinny black jeans
A  nice par of jeans that makes you feel hot!
A crisp white button-down shirt
Agree, and I need to refresh mine come to think of it.
A go-to dress
I recommend at least two of these ;)
A classic black pump
Yes! And keep them fresh looking
A bright mini
I just bought one, I’ll let you know if it serves it’s purpose in a future blog.
A bold piece of jewelry
My jewelry piece would be a long strand of pearls
A fitted blazer
Agreed, black with rolled cuffs
A colorful clutch
I don’t have a colorful one, I prefer neutral handbags with bold shoes or accessories. 
Black opaque tights
I’m going to update and change this to leggings, mid-calf and full length
A lace tank
Yes! In black and ivory
Ballet flats (she likes navy)
I would choose black or nude
A soft luxurious with t-shirt

Now where was I ... if the man of my dreams called and wanted to see me in an hour... white dress, dressed down with a dark color open shirt/jacket, nude pumps and my guess clutch, long earrings and a subtle bracelet. That’s my answer, for today.
Side note, this is not a pre-clipped Pinterest ensemble, thanks to Diptic these items are exactly the outfit I will wear!

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