Tuesday, September 25, 2012

30 by 30...sidebar

This week I have a topic of my own for the list.  By the time a woman is 30 she should have the sense to know how she wants to play the game.  How she wants to schedule her day, spend time with friends and more relevant to me today, how she wants to date.  My girlfriend preaches the game that men and women play.  The back and forth banter that is necessary in finding the man of your dreams.  Well I have my own little spin on that, straight from my Momma's mouth to his ears, how about I am the woman of his dreams and he should figure out what is necessary to find me!

To all the "Dear Johns" of world, 

Please don’t make us fall if you don’t intend to catch us.  Granted we fall easily and our hearts are an open book, do no play the game and make the comments, grab the hand or pull us close if you don’t intend to follow through.  There is plenty to be said for the chase and we are all about giving you that.  We can flirt all day long but once you’ve leaned in, once you’ve made the significant move, don’t disappear and fallaway leaving us wondering if it was us or something you weren’t looking for.  If you are hesitant then don’t go so hard so fast, pull back, play it cool that is sexy from both ends.  But if you are showing us the moves and have every intention of putting on the charm, come through the next day or next week even if it’s not meant to be long term.  Just don’t fallaway, you will regret it.

Strong, fun sparkling women every where.

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